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02 August 2006 @ 01:46 pm
Discussion of Blooming Cactus  
Remember, we are discussing agilebrit's Blooming Cactus HERE.

hermionesviolin: I on the other hand am perpetually jarred by backstory fics that posit that dress as her wedding dress 'cause I'm like "But white is the Asian/Chinese color of mourning! That's what made that scene in the movie so extra-awesome!

imaginaryimages: The Title, I think, is telling us that Zoe is moving past this, with Jayne's help. He's already helped her 'see' him as well as helped her move on in the mourning process. I think she really is about to bloom - go to the next level, whether it be truly coming to terms with Wash's death or the hints of seeing Jayne in a new, possibly romantic, way