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I've been a bad, bad mod

Okay, guys. Here's the thing. I know there hasn't been any activity in this comm for a month, and for that I'm truly sorry. I am at a stage in my degree program where I don't have a lot of time to devote to online pursuits, and this comm has suffered as a result. "But, Lorraine," you say, "why don't you just give the comm to someone else to run?" Well, guys, I just can't. I know it's seflish, but club_joss is my baby. Mine and chocgood84's. And the thought of handing it off to someone else makes my fandom heart all hurty. So, I am calling a hiatus on the comm until January. Beginning in January, activity here will resume. I remain convinced that club_joss has a valuable role to play in fandom, but I cannot currently devote the time necessary to ensure worthwhile discussions. I really look forward to discussing fic with you guys again after the New Year.

Any comments or suggestions welcome; I'll try to incorporate anything you guys want or need when we start back up next semester.
cat's moon by ponders_life

Continuing Discussion of Doesn't React Well.....

We are discussing irradiatedsoup's Doesn't react well to situations not involving money or violence HERE.

Comments include the following:

inalasahl: As readers, what distinguishes a story that's clichéd, from one which uses a cliché?

ana_grrl: I can't shake the feeling that River isn't really trying to get Jayne and Simon together, but rather that she's just playing a game and being irritating and bugging her brother. And Jayne, of course.
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ADMIN Mistake

I accidentally assigned a flocked fic for our next reading. While I'm straightening that out, I need more fic suggestions in both the Buffyverse and Firefly. Remember that shorter fics get more attention. I also have issues with navigating the Firefly Glow archive. If the story's a multiparter, I find it nearly impossible to determine which part comes next. If you rec a fic that lives only there, please link me to the individual chapters in the order in which they should be read. Thanks guys.

Remember you must ask author permission.
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Discussing Beautiful Broken

We are discussing lit_gal's Beautiful Broken HERE.

The discussion includes the following comments:

sammywol: That and Joyce's role in the story were the best aspects for me. I am a fan of strong female roles and that is something that I have not found much in slave fic or in most BD/SM fic at all really.

lunabee34: How does this fic fit within the genre of slave fic? Where does it uphold and where does it defy the conventions of that genre?
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Assigning Beautiful Broken

Beginning on Wednesday, we will be discussing lit_gal's Beautiful Broken. The fic is a Spike/Xander slave fic and contains situations (including non-consensual sex and descriptions of torture and abuse) that some readers might find objectionable. The author has okayed concrit. This discussion will continue until August 20. The fic is 24 chapters long, so get to reading!
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Discussion of Blooming Cactus

Remember, we are discussing agilebrit's Blooming Cactus HERE.

hermionesviolin: I on the other hand am perpetually jarred by backstory fics that posit that dress as her wedding dress 'cause I'm like "But white is the Asian/Chinese color of mourning! That's what made that scene in the movie so extra-awesome!

imaginaryimages: The Title, I think, is telling us that Zoe is moving past this, with Jayne's help. He's already helped her 'see' him as well as helped her move on in the mourning process. I think she really is about to bloom - go to the next level, whether it be truly coming to terms with Wash's death or the hints of seeing Jayne in a new, possibly romantic, way