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Club Joss

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Welcome to club_joss from your moderators chocgood84, trekgirl55, and lunabee34. This community is devoted to the discussion of fanfiction in the Jossverse (Angel the Series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Firefly). We will be reading both slash and het fanfiction and any pairings within those two categories that the fabulous authors in our fandom can come up with. We are also interested in reading gen fics (fics with no pairings). club_joss is modeled after the traditional book club; we will all be reading the same piece of fanfiction and coming together afterwards to discuss the work. This is not an "academic" community. While we certainly want to promote intellectual discussion, do not be hesitant to participate if you're not up on the latest academic theory and lingo. Chances are we're not either. So come on in and have fun! Be sure and visit our memories for further information on the way the community works and what kinds of fics we will be reading.

If you have any questions, concerns, or general comments about the group, you can reach the moderaters at either their livejournals or the email listed on this page.

1) Absolutely NO flaming. The fiction selected to be read may be discussed critically as in the following: "How did this author's characterization of {insert character here} contribute to your thoughts on the story?". However, author and/or fiction bashing WILL NOT be tolerated. The mods will be keeping a close eye on this particularily, and any flaming will result in immediate removal from the group. Also, constructive criticism should be excluded unless the discussion post expressly states otherwise. Concrit is available only with author permission. We are not judging the authors or their talent - we are enjoying the story and engaging in discussion.

2) Lurking. This is a discussion group, and as such only works if everyone, er, discusses. Though there may be fics and/or discussions you would like to pass up (which is understandable and expected), and real life imposes quite often on fandom - we want all our members to participate and contribute by reading and discussing. However, you will not be "punished" if you do decide to back out and just read the wonderful fics.

3) Keep in mind that we will be showcasing both het and slash fiction, and presumably much of the fiction will not be suitable for children. If you are not of legal age to read this material, or if you are not allowed by law to read it where you reside, understand that this is your one and only warning: you will be removed from the group should the moderators find out you are illegally reading this material.

4) Have fun! We created this community to be fun and to have fun. If you're a reader looking for some good recomendations and discussion, or if you're a writer trying to improve your work - we want this to be fun, entertaining, and interesting.